Human Resources

Human resources outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries today. Jersey Business Solutions, Inc. with its state of the art HR software and comprehensive HR Services will give your company the ability to focus on the growth of your business and at the same time stay 
compliant with Federal and State regulations. This plan further proposes to reduce costs and improve employee productivity.

  • Provide Compliance assistance with Title VII
  • Provide Compliance assistance with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Provide Compliance assistance and record keeping with FMLA
  • Provide compliance assistance and record keeping for immigration laws
  • PRWORA compliance assistance
  • Provide assistance with COBRA
  • Assist with HIPAA Portability Compliance
  • Maintain employee files and documentation
  • Reduce employee administration costs
  • Maintain employee actions (Upon Written request & fee may apply)
  • Provide supervisory personnel training in hiring, counseling and terminations
  • Human Resource consulting via telephone (or on-site) as needed
  • Provide legally required labor postings
  • Develop customized employee handbooks and update as needed (fee may apply)
  • Provide all human resource forms
  • Provide assistance with job descriptions
  • Assistance in managing and resolving employee conflicts
  • Assist with pre-employment screenings
  • Provide assistance for wrongful termination claims
  • Assist in the event of federal wage and hour claims